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Ottawa Hills Police Statement on Officer White's indictment

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This is the official statement from the Department regarding the shooting. It's hard to believe that a person on a motorcycle was shot in the back! HOW! WHY! Shooting someone in the back IMHO is just cowardice. For more information google Ottawa Hills Shooting.

Faultline USA: Gun Control is NOT about Guns!!! It’s about Control!!!

Again more great information, please read it fully. The information is both astounding and scary at the same time. Those that oppose armed Americans might just want ot re-think their position after this.

Faultline USA: Americans Continue Stocking Up On Firearms And Ammo.

Possibly the best post about the current state of American 2nd amendment rights I've seen to date. Truly an excellent read for all.

While searching other blogs I happened across this post. I will not post it here but provide you all the link. I find it very timely and accurate. If your a gun loving, red blooded American who is tired of the bullshit from to top office and surrounding, you'll appreciate this post.



The search still continues, almost everyday, for reasonably priced ammunition. Cabelas does not seem to be able to keep it in stock and when they do it is still pretty high priced. Granted their prices are normal but still higher then I want to spend.

Wal-mart finally did have some in stock so I bought another 100 rounds of .40 S&W that they had. Recently I've been able to find 45 ACP and .40 S&W Winchester White Box 100 round value packs at Wal-Mart but not without due diligence. I've have to go to several stores in the area to find it.

I do reload but getting primers if another issues all together. I have quite a stock pile of them along with God knows how much powder but I am still added weekly to the powder inventory. I've got primers on order with Cabelas so here I wait. I refuse to pay $50+ a box on online for them. I've got plenty of brass for ALL firearms I own so the reloading begins.

If anyone reads this and has a primer connection please let me know, I can use large pistol primers right now.

I am keeping a eye out on what the government is doing as I see another weapons ban coming down the pipe. Our current president has a reputation for being one of the most anti-gun people in our history. I've also heard that he stated he would enforce stricter gun laws and possible bans. Wonder why the populous is stocking up? Read the 2nd amendment.

And yet another resource to help the buying of hose for men. Love this link and the information it contains. Again a link found in the LAUF forums and now sure who posted.

How to Buy Pantyhose for Men | eHow.com

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A great resource link that I found in the LAUF forums postings. I am sorry I do not know who listed it first but thank you to them.

How to Understand Men Who Wear Pantyhose | eHow.com

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Today while I was at Cabelas shopping I took a break to relax and get something to drink at the cafe up stairs. I was just sitting there watching people and the kids play the video games when a lovely young lady, younger then me thank you, approached me. She proceeded to tell me that she saw me walking around the store and was very curious why I shaved my legs. I answered her with a question, "What's makes you think I shave them?". She seemed a little startled by my response so I told her that I was not upset just inquiring as well. She said she was just assuming and apologized. Apology not necessary as I do shave them every day.

As our conversation progressed, she told me that she had been trying to get her boyfriend to at least trim his leg and arm hair short because he works out and she likes the look. She spotted me in the store and just had to ask. I then told her about my years of struggle with self esteem issues which finally resulted in my being who I want to be and just doing it, like the old Nike commercials used to say. I decided I was going to try it and see if I liked the look and feel and "as you can see I did". She then told I have a nice tan and legs and wondered if I worked out, "of course I do", laughing.

I was very happy to talk with her and fill her in on the why's and what for's and leg shaving. I decided to shave my legs and keep them shaved for looks and comfort. I am much cooler in the summer without wearing a fur coat and like the look. As for acceptance it was kind of a tough road mostly in my own mind. My parents are accepting now with nothing being said and it is the same with my wife's family. It really has just become of part of who I am.

She told me that her boyfriend works out quite a bit and has good legs that he hides under a lot of hair. While she does not mind it he would look better with all of it in her opinion, but he was unwilling. Some of his reasons were that he has never seen an average guy without leg hair let alone intentionally shaving them. All he has ever seen was professional athletes and "they can get away with it". So as we talked she finally asked if she could take a picture on her cell phone, while I had to think about this for a moment, I said "Ok". She snapped a couple and sent them to her boyfriend. We talked a bit more and she was really impressed that I was so comfortable and willing to talk about it. Really it was no big deal as I said.

All in all, it ended with her thanking me for talking with her and giving her a different perspective and information to further her talk with her boyfriend. I sincerely hope that he reconsiders his thoughts and actions and just lives a little. There is nothing in this world that states a man has to have this or that; wear this or that; be this or that; or look a certain way. Being one self is the greatest gift anyone can give them self. Granted I would also through the "as long as your not hurting anyone", caveat.

So that ends the days post and excitement. I am glad she asked, wish her the best and hope that her boyfriend lives a little and try's something new.

There are a lot of groups out there on the internet doing God knows what but I have the privilege of being a part of one of the best. LAUF (aka Legwear As Unisex Fashion).

Yes hosiery for men and there are a lot of men wearing hose these days too. Not just in the United States but in England, Japan and other countries. It is fast becoming a garment built for men and women alike. Despite all the years of female hatred hose do have a purpose and a place, and we men have found it after all these years.

One person I would like to thank for his involvement is Steve Katz and Comfilon's Activskin. Without his company and backing men's legwear would not be where it is today.

Many years ago Leggs pantyhose had a web forum available, I was 1 small member of that community along with other men and women. It grew and grew but along with that came members with ill intentions so it was closed. Other outlets were obviously formed and that is where I first met Steve. During some of our conversations with Steve he gathered information and ideas. Those conversation culminated in to something that has become worldwide now and gaining popularity amongst men and women alike. He has been and continues to be a driving force in the battle for men's fashion freedom with new styles and products flowing.

From my research and findings, his products are now being sold worldwide and on MANY popular websites, I urge you to explore and see.

I would feel horrible if I did not also include another blog which has helped me in my quest of acceptance and self assurement. Geraden's Blog has many stories from average men who enjoy legwear for many different reasons. Some due to medical and others just for feel, pleasure or other reasons. Regardless there are lot's of true life stories and lot's of informational links as well. I have watched as his blog has grown into the mammoth it is today and it still grows thanks to his dedication to the cause of acceptance.

In closing of this post I would like to thank both Steve and Geraden for their hard work and for driving the public image home. Also my friends at LAUF on Delphi, I have send a special thank you to Mike, Don, Rick, Shawn, Fletch and many others. You've all helped me through some difficult times in my life and I thank you. With your help I am a much stronger and happier person. If I've missed anyone I apologize, I wanted to start this blog off right and on positive notes.

Finally, I thank you for reading and following. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to have many more posts, comments and hopefully some legwear pictures in the coming winter months.




You'll want to tell all your girlfriends about our No Panty Line Promise® Collection. Panty lines are now a thing of the past! Unique leg binding achieves a smooth look and whisper soft microfiber feels amazing. Bikini cut flatters your figure and sits approximately 3â€� below the natural waist...

Incredible comfort for both sexes

Wolfie Toledo, OH 7/5/2009

5 5

Waist: Feels true to size

Pros: Comfortable, Nice Colors, Soft, Good Fit, Sexy

Best Uses: Athletic, Casual, Everyday, Sleepwear

Describe Yourself: Comfort Driven

As a guy that has worn men's thongs for many years but can no longer find them or any that fit well. I've been searching the women's lines with my wife's urging as my current ones are "holy" and ragged. Spotted these while shopping with my wife and purchased 3 pair as a test and fell in love with them. I just ordered 10 pair in thong style as well as buying more in the bikini for winter wear. Thank you Jockey for these perfect panties, but please market these to men as well. They are quite unisex in design and will sell well.

For more information on these please visit this link at Jockey.com (link added for blog sake)


I was going to edit the first portion that was created by Jockey however I thought in the best interest of legal sake I would leave it alone and add my own.

Men, I urge you to try these panties. Yes I know they are women's panties however they are QUITE comfortable and fit perfectly. My wife loves the look on me and the way the fit as well. I've tried to find thongs and other underwear in mens and at Victoria Secret with little to no luck. I am tired of boxer and boxer briefs as that is all that seems to be out there for men. I cannot take wearing heavy COTTON diapers any longer, read men's cotton underwear. I like to think outside the box and enjoy life and these are truly enjoyable to wear.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” - 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution

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